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What you don't see could cripple your MRI scanner. There, under that concrete, the contractor used the wrong rebar and, as a result, now it's more difficult to get good off-axis images of anatomy like shoulders. That hidden error may cost you tens of thousands of dollars in patient throughput every year. Who checks that rebar to make sure that it's the right type before it gets buried in concrete? That's a good question!

• Design - Build, single-source contracting
• Independent 3rd party MRI suite construction observation / review
• Onsite monitoring
• MRI equipment / vendor installation observation
• Building assessments

MRI-Planning provides a full range of construction period services, including all of the above, because without trained eyes on the job, you may never know what got placed under the slab, or inside that wall, or running through that pipe. And to protect the operation of your multi-million dollar scanner, don't you want it all to work the way you expect it to?




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