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Oh, the MRI suite construction horror stories we've heard from clients from prior projects. Equipment conflicts. Siting difficulties. Inaccessible delivery routes. Unplanned shielding costs. Equipment delays. Re-doing building structure. And on… and on… and on. Here are two irrefutable truths: 1. MRI suite construction is complicated. 2. Concise blueprints reduce the opportunities for mishaps.

Construction projects always run into speed-bumps, but in complex projects, like MRI suites, those bumps can balloon into hundreds of thousands of dollars of cost-overrun, or months of delay. If your designer doesn't know what to expect, they might have inadvertently pointed the project towards a huge boulder of a speed-bump you'll hit months down the road!

MRI-Planning's expert architects know the potential conflicts of MRI suites, and make sure that the project drawings remove as many variables as possible. Complete blueprints mean better pricing, better scheduling, and fewer surprises. Our master consultants can also help manage activities on the construction site, too.




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