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Clinical MRI safety (championed by Dr.s Frank Shellock and Emanuel 'Manny' Kanal) has come quite far. Implementation of physical environment safety, however, has been following well behind and, as a result, your suite may not be following contemporary best practices. To illustrate this fact, look no further than the FDA's data, which showed a 277% increase in MRI accidents from 2004 to 2008!

Whether you're looking at MRI safety in response to the Joint Commission's Environment of Care (EC) standards, for State requirements, or for your own internal risk management, wouldn't it be wise to have experts in MRI suite safety provide you with a physical environment review?

When MRI injury to patients, staff, and a few million dollars in capital equipment are in the balance, don't you want to make sure that you conform with the appropriate MRI safety practices from the ACR, federal authorities?




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