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Let's look - for just a second - at only your patients. Patients over age 65 use MRI at a rate three times those who are 65 and younger. In 2011 the first of the baby boomers cross the 65-year boundary. If nothing else changed, are you ready for this demographic shift? Now let's throw-in new CPT reimbursements, additional clinical studies, newer / faster / friendlier MRI equipment, and changing expectations from your referring physicians. Do you think it would be valuable to have a plan, in the face of these compounding shifts? MRI-Planning can help you by developing a multi-year strategy to manage:

• New technologies (such as 3.0 Tesla, wide-bore and high-field open systems)
• Expanded MRI clinical applications
• Growing utilization
• Increased accreditation MRI safety scrutiny

Whether it's a dedicated long-range capital plan for imaging, or some very tactical project-specific consulting, MRI-Planning can help reduce the expense and frustration by anticipating some of the large, inevitable changes in the market.




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