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You didn't have to promise because you know that your boss expected it of you, regardless of what you said. Now your stomach is sinking because the MRI vendor is saying that the room isn't right and can't take the magnet, or the contractor says they need to add 8 weeks, or the cost estimator tells you that they hope that the project can still be brought in for just 20% above the budget. Something, or several somethings, have gone wrong and you're under the gun.

If only there was a team who could cut through the feuding and get right at the heart of what you need most… solutions! Well you've found the right place.

When critical MRI projects budgets and timelines are at stake and you need answers, turn to MRI-Planning for quick, expert project consultation. Of course, you don't have to wait until you're in the thick of it to call. We do offer MRI suite design review services, too.




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